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Our goal is to strengthen and take our tour to a higher level.  In an effort to accomplish this ,we  have established a dress code that requires all players to dress respectably.  Further, we require and expect players  to conduct themselves in a professional manner by displaying good sportsmanship during all tournaments.  Unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated.  Additionally, we plan to develop a strong network of sponsorships that, through their advertising, will put additional money into the tour.  This will result in larger pay outs, additional places paid, more rewards and trophies awarded for the players. As a result, this will increase the player participation and make the sport stronger.

  • We offer a Tour Membership for $20.00 which entitles the members to: 20 % off the tournament fees, accumulate bonus points for gifts, cash rewards, and free access to the end of the season awards banquet. Additionally, the membership provides the players/members to a discount from some of our sponsors.

  • At the present time, we are holding tournaments at the following locations: The Playing Field, Side Pocket, and Murphy’s II. Next season we plan to expand to the outlying areas.

Mission Statement and Vision by:  David Donovan, Director of Richmond Billiard Tour and President, Donovan Billiards, LLC

804-556-6775 e-mail: david@donovanbilliards.com

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